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Best Chrome Extensions For Developers or Designer

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If you are a developer or designer then you should have to be productive and innovative in the work we have to try a tested so many things but our time is important. To enhance work I have some useful chrome extensions that may help you to increase productivity in our work. The chrome extension that I have select in this list helps out to save time and also help to update yourself. The chrome extension that I have chosen in this list is my honest opinion no-one has to sponsor me for this.

5) CSSViewer

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In our 5th list, I have chosen the CSSViewer as the name says that this chrome extension helps out in the CSS. If you download and add the extension in chrome if you click on the icon then you have to hover on any elements like text, button then this chrome extension helps that which fonts that website is using and we can also find out which is color code that website is used and many many things are included in this chrome extension I know that this chrome extension is very helpful to save time for fining accurate fonts and color that may be you have to use in your website or if you building the website for your clients.  Do not forget to try a test out the extension.
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4) ColorZilla

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In our 4th list, I have Colorzilla. Colorzilla is a little bit similar to the CSSViewer but there are But ColorZilla is the most advanced extension. Once you download ColorZilla you have seemed that a pencil icon in the toolbar if you click on the pencil then you can simply you can able to pick the color from any website which color this website is using but ColorZIlla is also helping out to make the gradient background using the ColorZilla you can make the awesome looking gradient background not just that if you explore you got so many things. It is the most advanced chrome extension then checkout the extension.
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The next in our list daily. dev. As a developer, you have to stay updated on what new technology is coming what going on for that. I have daily. dev once you download if you open any new tab its shows the latest news. That would be very useful for us. So go ahead and check out the extension.
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2) Usersnap

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The 2nd on our list is Usersnap. I think that it deserves a 2nd position. These extensions help you to finds the bugs in your website. Most make the website but they have to find out the bugs from the website manually that is so complicated find out the bugs manually using this extension you have just signup and you can use this extension this chrome can easily integrate 50+ third-party solutions like WordPress, zapier, intercom, slack an so on. But Usersnap gives 15 Days Free Trial without a credit card so if you try and test them out and if you like these tools then you can buy that tools. Usersnap you can also do the live discussions. You want to use then go ahead and add the extension to your list.
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1) Quick Code

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In our 1st list, I have to choose Quick Code. The learning keeps going on you have to learn new things every single day. Quick Code extension gives free programming courses you can go and do the course you got free courses from Udemy, Edx, Udacity, skillshare, and many more courses providers and you do not have to compromise in the quality you got the quality content
I highly recommend that if you beginner then you should go and use Quick Code to increase your knowledge in programming languages or scripting languages.
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As mentions, one of the best chrome extensions for developers/designer I know that there are so many chrome extension is available in the various category every chrome have different use as the per the user. I hope that you like this article if you like this article then do forget to share this article with your friends and family. If you have any doubt then you can simple drop the comment I am so happy to give your answer. Do not forget to check out another article.

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