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Best Domain Registrar that you can consider in 2021

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Before starting the building the website you have to choose the domain name that is mandatory because of the address of your website and it is the brand name of your business. In this article, I have picked 5 domain registrar that you can consider in 2021. In this list, no one is the sponsor for this article. So this is my honest opinion for this domain registrar. This article includes which company have the best service which company provides the cheapest domain and so many things so you should have to read all the article and after reading this article you can able to make your choice where you have to go and purchased the domain name. In this list, I have checked the pricing of the .com domain name. The other domain extension price varies between the domain registrar. For standard comparison, I have considered .com pricing.


5) Godaddy


Seriously I do not like Godaddy very much. There are so many other scenarios that you can consider. First talk about the Godaddy. Godaddy says that they provide the .com domain in 199/-Rs but which is the not real price this the real price that you can get for one year. You got .com domain 849/-Rs No free WHOIS Guard This is the first year of it is may higher renewal pricing. One thing that you have to before your purchase they upsell a lot. In your cart, Godaddy added not necessary product business email and a lot more if you do not want that service so you have to remove before purchase. Godaddy does not provide the WHOIS Guard you have to pay extra for WHOIS Guard. Support is decent.


Who Consider Godaddy



  1. If you have Indian payment options like UPI, Rupay Debit, or net banking then you can consider.
  2. If you need Hindi call support then you can also consider.



  1. Do Not have WHOIS Guard.
  2. Price is higher than another competitor
  3. High renewal price.




So like the hostinger hosting but in the domain registrar, they are a little bit problem. If you want to little bit cheaper domain from GoDaddy with an Indian payment option then you should consider hostinger. You can get .com without WHOIS Guard In 725/-Rs. One thing you can do that if you want to build the website and you have to purchase a good hosting then what you can do that you  Shared Business plan of hostinger in that you can get Free .com and Hostinger Hosting & Domain Name has cost You Less Than 4000/-Rs.


Who Consider Hostinger


  1. Hostinger has Indian payment solution UPI, Paytm & GPay
  2. Little bit Cheaper than GoDaddy.



  1. Decent Call support
  2. No WHOIS Guard.
  3. High renewal price.




This domain registrar is so awesome this is the cheapest .com Provider in the market PorkBun Provide .com in around 305/-Rs And Porkbun provides a Free WHOIS Guard. And Consider this 305/-Rs Price for the first year only. Some Domain Extension you can get under 1$. You got so many types of domain name extensions and you consider them according to your need.


Who Consider PorkBun



  1. Cheapest .com Domain
  2. Free WHOIS Guard
  3. Good Renewal Price



  1. Do Not have an Indian payment Option you have VISA or MASTERCARD.
  2. The user Interface is a little bit confused.
  3. Decent Support




Dynadot is a very great website for domain Registrar You can get a .com domain in around  660/-Rs (8.99$) Dyandot have also very less renewal cost Dynadot provides a free WHOIS Guard. Recently Dyandot has added an Indian payment optIon in their option So you can able to pay UPI.


Who Consider Dynadot



  1. Indian payment solutions like UPI.
  2. Good User Interface.
  3. Free WHOIS Guard
  4. Low Renewal Rate
  5. Support is very good.



  1. Glitchy website. They have to improve their website.


1) Namecheap


Namecheap is one of the best domain registrars that available in the market. Namecheap has so a long time in the market. Namecheap provides .com Domain for one year in 667/-Rs renewals price is very competitive. Name cheap provide free WHOIS. That is very good and service and user interface is very great


Whos Consider Namecheap



  1. Good User Interface
  2. Free WHOIS Guard
  3. Low Renewal Rate
  4. Support is very good



  1. There are the only cons that I have got NameCheap should have to integrate the Indian payment option



All have considered all major points and I have the pros and cons of each domain registrar. I have explained in other very simple languages for your convenience you can choose what you want If you like this article then do not forget to share with your friends and family and also check out another article. If you have any question then comment that I can give the answer to your questions



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