Best Easy Ways To Get Backlinks

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If you running a blog you know that rank the blog in google search is a little bit hard for beginners. Ranking we have to do the SEO to rank the website or article on google. Ranking a website or article in a google search it’s dependent on various factors like On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Keywords, Backlinks, and many more things. 

But there is one of the hardest parts of the SEO is backlinks. Because it is very complicated and it is very headache for most of the people. But backlinks are important. So do not worry I have easy ways to get the backlinks but one thing you have to understand the ways I mentioned in the article is the No-Follow link but this is the powerful way. We are not going to paste the website link in the comment box to count the link as spam. 

Guest Post


If you think that what is guest post?. So we write the article for the high traffic or authority website and they published our articles on their website. If you are thinking that how we can contact the owner of the website and convenience to publish our articles. So you do not have to contact the owner of the website. Some of the companies have a guest post section on their website. If you write the article according to as per the rule of the company then they can accept your article.

What Do In The Article

Before you submit the article to the guest one thing that you have to do understand you have to make the hyperlink. Then what happened is the if audience click on the hyperlink it is gets redirect to your website.

How To Find Guest Post

If you have to find out the guest post website according to niche what you have to do that. Go on a google search- Your Niche+Guest Post or Write For Us.


As I mentioned in the upper image is that way you can find out your guest post website.



If you are aware of quora, Quora is the questions and answers. Here people come and ask questions in all niches and some people give the answer to the there answer.

How To Use For Backlinks

  As I mentioned people asks the questions and in all the niche what you do that you have to search the niche according to your niche and if someone asks the questions if you have the answer then you have to answer and do not give in the answer in the two lines try to answer the brief. Because who asks the questions will get satisfied with your answer. At the end of the article, you can write like- For More Interesting Updates you can visit- If you provide the value then the reader must come to your websites.



The 1st on our list, is medium, if you do not know about the medium, the medium is the platform you can write the article on any niche. Medium is the High Traffic and High Authority website. This website has tons of traffic. You got so many audiences from different countries. 

How We Use The Medium

You want the backlink from the Medium. You have to first signup on Medium and create the account. Then you can write the article.   What you can do that if you have recently published an article on your website. Simple you have to copy half part of the article. At the last of the article, you can make a hyperlink like- Read More, & redirect the user to your website. When google recognizes that the audience comes from the high authority to your website then google can understand your website have somethings have special then google starts to recommend your content and rank your content.

One of the best benefits of Medium is that, if your website is new then it is very difficult to rank your article on that particular keyword. But if you write the same article on Medium. Medium have already High Authority & High Traffic then google automatically ranks the article in the google search. Then you go to the chance to get tons of traffic.

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In the end, I have mentioned all my favorite ways to get backlinks. These are genuine ways to get backlinks. Some people think that this is No-Follow Backlinks. I know that but one thing you have to remember that we got high-quality traffic on your site which gone helps to increase your traffic. One thing the most important point that you have to remember you do not have to lose hope you have to keep trying and tested out. If you like this article then do not forget to share it with your friends and family. If you have any questions then you can comment down and I love to give your answer. Do not forget to checkout out another article.  



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