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Best Free Cloud storage in 2021

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If you trying out the finding best free cloud storage to upload your data using cloud storage. So do not worry I have one of the best free cloud storage options that I have brought out for you. But there are some points that I have considered before choosing cloud storage. The privacy policy of the company, what is speed, and how much free space is provided. The cloud storage I choose in this list is my honest opinion no one has to sponsor me so you have to consider this point.

5) Google Drive

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So you thinking that why I have chosen google drive. The first one thing That you have to consider that the privacy policy of Google is not good. They can check your data scan and make a copy on the other server. If you put some copyright content so google can easily delete the content without your permission. Google drive provides 15GB of data for you. But you care Google Docs, Google sheet then your data automatically stored on the google.


  1. 15GB Free Space
  2. Good Speed


  1. Does not comes with zero-knowledge encryption
  2. Privacy Policy is not good

Who considers Google Drive?

  1. If you only put the non-sensitive document, data
  2. If you to do the collaboration then you can choose the google


4) Ice Drive


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I think that most people do not hear about the Ice Drive is recently started a storage company they but they are growing day-day.  Ice drive provides 10GB of free space. The privacy policy is very good for the Ice Drive you can easily put off any data you do not worry about it. The speed of the ice drive is very good. Security is also in the free plans does not come with zero-knowledge encryption.


  1. 10GB Free Space
  2. Good Speed
  3. Privacy Policy is great
  4. Security is also great
  5. One of the best User Interface that I have seen in cloud storage
  6. They do not remove your data


  1. Does not comes with zero-knowledge encryption

Who Consider Ice Drive

  1. If you want to put your private
  2. If you want to good user interface.


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The next on our list is pcloud. The pcloud is cloud storage. Pcloud provides 10GB of free space but 7GB is will get if you complete their achievement. Talking about the privacy policy of the Pcloud is very great they do not delete your data so you can free to upload anything as you want. Talking about the privacy policy is very great, You got sharing a good sharing option.  At the free plans, Pcloud does not come with zero encryption. Speed is also good. The biggest problem is if you are inactive from the account for 6 months so your data is deleted from their data.


  1. 10GB Free Space
  2. Good speed
  3. Good Privacy Policy


  1. Does not comes with zero-knowledge encryption in the free plans
  2. IF you do not use the Pcloud account for 6 months then your account will be deleted

Who Consider PCloud

  1. If you continue to use cloud storage then you can look at the
  2. If you want to your Important data.


2) Sync


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In our 2 no I have put the sync so you think why I have put the sync cloud storage in No.2. There are so many reasons that you should have to consider the sync. When you signup you get 5GB but their referrals system is good. If you got 1GB Per referral is good you can get up to 20GB-30GB. The sync privacy policy is very great you can get a sharing option. The security of the sync is also & sync is coming zero-knowledge encryption.


  1. Good speed & security
  2. Comes with zero-knowledge encryption.
  3. Comes with a sharing option.


  1. We have to complete tasks to get reaming storage space

Who consider Sync

  1. If you want one of the best security cloud storage then you can consider this one.
  2. If you are can able to used get all storage by referral the friends.



screenshot mega nz 1607573940496


I can be assured that most people have heard the name of the mega. Mega is a very popular cloud storage option that is available in the market. The market as they give 50GB but actual it is 15GB other 35 GB will we get if you complete the tasks and you got other 35GB but it is not for a lifetime the 35GB is only for the temporary time. Mega comes with zero-knowledge encryption which is the great thing that we get zero-knowledge encryption at free cloud storage. The speed of the mega is also good and privacy policy and security are also good.


  1. Good Speed, Security & Privacy policy
  2. Comes with zero-knowledge encryption

Cons– Note- I do think it has the cons because you got so many things at free option.

Who Consider Mega

  1. If you want to upload data in secure cloud storage.

Conclusion– I give all the option in which scenario that you have to select the which cloud storage at the end that yours opinion which you have to select the cloud storage that totally depends on your choice.  If you like this article then do not forget to share the article with friends and family. If you have any questions then you can comment down below I am very happy to give the answer to your questions.

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