How To Add Meta Description In WordPress Without Plugin

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So if you are a new blogger and you have recently heard about if you want to rank your website then you should have to add the meta description or meta tags so if you are confusing how to add the meta types in the WordPress because in it is easier to Add meta description or meta tag so if you want to add meta description your website then please make sure that you should have to read entire article after the reading the article I can sure that you can able to add meta description to your website.

What is the meta description or meta tag?

If you don’t know about what is the meta description so let suppose if you have recently started your blog and you select the category where you want to write an article let’s suppose you want to write an article on mobile phones you want only the mobile phone audience because the target audience is very important for your blog if targeted audience come to your website then it increases the engagement on your website. So if you want to rank on a particular keyword so you have to add that keyword to the website so Google crawler comes to your website they can read which keyboard that you have entered in your website for ranking purpose or Google can understand which type of your website it’s maybe related to WordPress or blogging. 

What to do before adding meta description or meta tags

Before adding meta description and meta tag in the website so you have to collect some keywords according to your blog or website so that gives word should be low competition keywords with high traffic best keywords that suitable for your blog or website that help you to rank faster ok if you choose high competition keywords there are no chances because there should be high traffic website have already rank.

Meta Description or Meta Tags Generator

As we know that the whole website is written in HTML and CSS so if crawler come to your website they only can read the HTML of your website, so we have to add those particular keywords in the HTML format so if you are thinking it you don’t it know about the coding so don’t worry I have an effortless way to add your meta description and meta tags to a website. There are so many meta tags and meta description generators available on the website so we are going to use that one. 

So one thing you have to remember we are don’t use the plugin for adding the meta description because it slows down the website so you should have to avoid the step I am going to show you that is very simple and you just have to follow that step

Step First Add Details In Generator

So you have to visit a website that I have given down below after visiting the website you got so many fields that you have to fill.

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Site Title

So here you have to add your website title.

Site Description

Here you have to put some description like what is your blog what you do offer what is your name what content gets you in your website this type of description that you have to enter.

Site Keywords

Here you have to add your keywords that you have collected it should be low competition high traffic keywords so you have two entered each keyword with space eg- blog, WordPress, and so on. Like that.


Note Do Not Change Any Setting

After completing the three steps you don’t have to change any setting. Change the setting then it should be not correctly working so you just have to avoid it.

Search Engine option

But in the optional meta tag, you can add 10 days for crawlers to come to your website.

Author Name

you can also able to add the author’s name, so if you want to add another name, then you can add it if you don’t want it then you can also leave that it is not compulsory for you.

You have to click on the button to generate tags and a description


As you can see that in the above image you have to copy the content.


You have to go to the theme editor of your website.



On the right-hand side, you have to click on the header.php file



Click on the head section and press enter



Paste the copy content



Click on the Update File

After following all the steps you are meta description and tags have been successfully added to your website so if you want to check out if the content Puli update or not so you have to open your website and press Control+U to view the source code of your website.


As you can see that in the upper image the description and tags have been successfully added.


So that’s pretty much this article and I hope you like this article if you like this article then you can share it with your friends. If you have any doubt then you can ask me in the comment section below I love to give answers to your questions and do not forget to check out another article.


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