How To Find Trending Topic For A Blog post

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The most difficult part of any blog is finding the topic that we have to write the article and I am sure that most of the people facing this problem so finding a topic are little bit difficult problem but if you want to write trending topic then this article for you because in this article I am going to show you how you can write an article on trending topic article and make sure that you read the article till then.


The method can apply if you are running a news website or you want to publish the latest updates then you can check out this website. the website that we are going to use to find the trending topic is Google trends.


What is Google Trends

Most of the people thinking what is the Google trends show Google trends is a website where the trending topic shows the result which topic is searched more on the search engine or YouTube or Google news you can get all type of trending topic list on this website.

What are the benefits of this website?

Using the Google trends they are high potential to get high-quality traffic quickly. e.g-if you have found a trending topic Google trends and that topic is related to a niche then you can write an article on this topic and there are high chances to rank because let’s suppose no other competitors have written an article on that topic and you write the first article and publish it then if someone search on Google for that particular topic there are high chances to Google can show you your website result.

How To Use Google Trends


Step-1) I have given a link in the down below of Google Trends or you can also search Google Trends and you can redirect to the website.


Visit Website-Click Here

Step-2) Here you have to select the country by selecting the country you got the trending topic of that particular country eg-i to choose India then I got result trending topic of India.


Step-3) You can also search the term for the topic in the search box then if the content is available according to a search then you got results.


Step-4) If you scroll down here as we can see that here are the top trending topic. Using this topic you can write an article or if you want to see more results then you can click on more trending searches.



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Step-5) Here you get the result according to the date you can check in which day which topic is trending so you can get a rough estimate if the topic is going on you can also write on that particular in the same scenario the topic is trending for only that particular day then you can avoid it.


Conclusion-At the end I have to explain how to find the trending topic for your blog post so if you like this article then do not forget to share it with your friends and if you have any doubt you can ask in the comment section below I love to answer your questions and do not forget to check out another article.

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