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How To Send Files Quickly & Securely

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Due to covid-19 the most of the work has been done from home if you are an employee of the company or if your owner then you know that we cannot Send files from any platform because the files are confidential so what to do 1that in this article I am going to show you how to Send files quickly & securely make sure that read this article till the end. The files will be seen in the encrypted format with you can also set the password.



Go to Google & search for tresorit send. Click the first link.



Visit- Click Here



As you can see that there is a plus button if you click on that you can able to add the files.




First, you have to enter your email address where you can able revoke the link. 




Here you can add the password as you want.




Once you at the password just click on the create a secure link.




As you can see that we got the link using the link we can able to download the files you can just copy the link and you can send the link to anyone.




If we open the link as you can see that we have to enter the password and click on the submit.




If you want to download the files just click on the download button or if you want to view the file you can click on the view button.




The files are successfully downloaded to our computer




  1. We Can Send File’s In Encrypted Format
  2. We Can Set The Password Before The Downloading The File’s



  1. We Can Only Send 5GB Of File’s Once A Time
  2. We Can Download The File’s Only 10 Times



So my opinion is tresorit send is a very good option for sending the file because there is another website that gives the functionality to send the file but we cannot send the file in the encrypted format hence I choose tresorit send. What do you think about tresorit send let me know in the comment section below if you have any doubt you can ask me I love to answer your questions. Share this article with your friends and do not forget to chicken another article.


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