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This Mistake Should Have To Avoid If You Are The New Blogger

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From the beginning of the internet, one thing is more important google wants to serve the best content to the user. So from starting from the internet, most people want to serve the content to the user. Most of the people want to blogger and some people. But there are most of the new bloggers and as the beginner, they make the most common mistake that they do not have to do. So in this article, I am going to tell the most common mistake that should have to stop if you do not stop then I think that your blog not getting. Successful


1) Quick Rich Scheme

IF you are thinking that blogging is Quick Rich Scheme so you stop thinking this. In blogging is the most complicated thing you can not get traffic or money within 1-month blogging takes times up to 6 months and maybe 1 year you have to hold patience. If you are not ready for this then you should have to avoid blogging then you have to check out the option like freelancing or any other.


2) Provide Quality Content

As I mentioned above google wants to serve the best quality content for the user. You must have to get quality content for the user you have to write above 800 words that the standard and you have to explain in detail. If your content is good then your stay on your website a google gets hints that this website is having somethings special and google send more traffic to your website hence is the quality content is more important things


3) Not Consistency

Most of the new blogger makes this mistake can Rank Out from the google search. You must have to consistent with your content you have to make a schedule of how many posts to publish in 1 week or 1 Month. I have seen that most of the new bloggers upload a bunch of posts in 1 week and left and after 1 month they publish 1 post or maybe not published post. This is the most dangerous thing if you find outs you are not consistent then google can be removed your content from the google search things and. So have to consistent with your blog and you can also make the schedule to how many posts have to publish in 1 week or 1 Month.


4) Poor SEO

If you publish 1000 the post but you do not do your SEO that maybe the

Your blog does not get traffic. Before you publish the post you have to do the On-Page SEO. If you have WordPress then There is Plugin Available- Rank Math.

This is the free plugin but their pro is also the pro version but as the beginners, free versions are much more enough for you. And you have to focus on doing finding low competition high traffic keywords and in your post.


Conclusion– I have mentioned all the most common mistakes that most the new blogger if you doing this mistake then you should have to avoid if you find this article then show your love in the comments and do not forget to share with friends and family for giving quality content.

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