Top 5 Mistakes New Blogger Do

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So you have recently started the blogging most of the blogger does not know which thing has to do in the blogging and which thing how to avoid in the blogging there are so many mistakes the blogger especially new blogger do so in this article I am going to show you this that a new blogger does and have to avoid these mistakes. Make sure to read this article till the end.


1)Website Backup

Most of the blogger avoid website backup, but website backup is a most critical part of our website let’s suppose if you write 30 article in one week and suddenly your website get crash due to any reason so if you do not have website backup so you able to recover your website, and you lost all your articles and on your website, and you have to again rebuild the website and again publish the article and most of the people don’t want this headache so for that, you should have to take a proper backup on your website, and backup should be the off-server backup because there are other companies which store the website backup on the server means the backup is Store on your server if your server gets crash then your website backup is also gone so make sure that you should have to check whether that hosting company provide off-server backup or not.


2)Choose Good Hosting

The hosting is the first thing that we have to be purchased before the start of the blog because it is our server where we are going to install the wordpress and doing blogging then a good host it’s really important there are so many hosting providers in the market but most of the are very cheap and they are not popular so that hosting which has a very cheap plan and they do not have very popular because then your website takes time to load and your server cannot handle the traffic so Google can decrease your rank your website and I have seen that the non-popular and cheap hosting companies have very high downtime if you don’t know the downtime means your website host gets crash means your server get cash or your server get shut down this scenario called as downtime and if you are using free hosting then also you have to avoid the free hosting and go with the reputed hosting company.


3)Copyright Videos or Images

As we know that images are very important for our blog post and we use the image to serve better content to the user so most of the blogger does not know about which type of image we have to be used sometimes new blogger use copyright images and videos in their blog post so there are if you do not have the proper license for that photos or videos there are very high chances to get the penalty from the company or owner of the images or videos they can charge you thousands of dollars from you, so you have to be avoided. if you want to use images or videos in the blog for free so you have to be used copyright-free videos and images.

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4)Using Nulled Theme & Plugin

If you just begin the blog the WordPress there are so many free themes and free plugins are available but most of them I have paid version if you want a special feature that not available on the free version then you have to go with the paid version but the paid version is costlier then most of the blogger go and download the nulled theme and Plugins install in the website there are very high chances to enter virus in your website so there are very high chances that virus can slow down your website or they can also hack your website so you have to avoid the using the null theme and plugins so if you do not have the money to buy so you can try the alternatives or you can save the money and buy the premium version.


5)Not Using CDN

If you are not using the CDN on your website then you should have to be used CDN stands for the content delivery network if you don’t know what the CDN let me explain if I have a video that is stored on the Singapore server but let’s suppose if a user comes from the USA then the website takes time to serve content to the user because that video or image is stored on Singapore server it takes time to serve content to the user in the CDN your images or videos have copies on all the servers means if the user comes from the USA. The images can be served from the nearby server. we do not receive the request to the main server and its reduced time to load website so there are so many free CDN provider is available e.g Cloudflare.



That’s pretty much for this article I have explained the mistake which most of the new blogger do so you have to avoid that mistake so if you have liked this article then do not forget to share with your friends and if you have any suggestion then do not forget to comment down below if you have any doubt you can also ask me in the comment section below I love to give an answer to your questions and do not forget to check out another article.


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