Top 5 Mistakes On Fiverr Done By New Seller

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You have just started freelancing to give services and earn money. There are so many various websites that you can be used for doing freelancing the Fiverr is one of the most popular freelancing websites out there and if you are a newbie on Fiverr these mistakes should have to avoid so in this article I am going to tell you which are top 5 mistakes on Fiverr done by the new seller so make sure that did this article till the end.


1) Copyright GIG Image


I have seen that the new seller uses other seller gig images there so it is not the right way to use the image. If you use another seller image then that seller can give you copyright strikes and also can delete your gig or suspend your account. So you should use your self-design gig image.


2) Copy GIG Description


When you create a gig at that time you are to add the description then some seller copy description from other top sellers show there is a very high chance the Fiverr can detect you and easily suspend your account.


3) Don’t Message Client


If the client messages you and you have started the conversation once the conversation is completed and if you present your offer and for some reason, the client does not accept your offer & leaves the conversation. Then do not send the message again and again to the client. Then the client could report you to customer support that can be very dangerous for your profile, so just avoid messaging the client.


4) Don’t Use Phone & Email

When you are doing conversations with clients, make sure that you should not have to use email and phone numbers because to the terms and conditions of Fiverr you cannot use email and phone numbers if your client said to share an email id and show you should have to say no.




5) Creating New Account


For some reason, the account gets suspended and if you create a new account there should be no problem but if you are using the same payment method that you have used before in the suspended account Fiverr can easily find out that the payment method is used for the suspended account. So if you are trying to make a new account make sure to use another payment method.


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So if you are freelancing on Fiverr then you have to avoid this mistake. So if you like this article then share it with your friends if you have any doubt you can ask me in the comment section below. I love answering your question. And do not forget to check out another article

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