What are the SSL certificates and types of SSL certificates?

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If you have started the blog, you do all the things like SEO link building or writing articles, but sometimes we have noticed that if you visited your website and this and that this website is not secure so so that is not a good thing for website because if someone comes and they said that it is not sugar there are chances too that particular user can bounce back to from your website and its effect you are ranking because Google can see that your website the most of the users are bounce back and its harmful for your website. For that particular case, you need SSL certificates to have to use so all the details are given below.

What is an SSL Certificate

Show SSL certificate stand for secure socket layer SSL certificate used to transfer the data from a website to your server in the encrypted format if you don’t have an SSL certificate so what happens is your website data transfer to your server that is not encrypted data format so you should have to use an SSL certificate because it gained the trust of the user and it makes the secure website.

Types of SSL Certificate

Domain Validated SSL Certificate


If you are a blogger if you have a small business so you should have to go with the domain validation SSL certificate as the name says this certificate valid for the domain if you click on the padlock and after that, you click on the certificate you seem that like down below

So as you can see in the image the certificate showing the details of who issued the SSL certificate for that particular website.

Requirements For Domain Validated SSL certificate

So what is the requirement that you have to need if you want to use the Domain valid certificate so you can get the SSL certificate for free from Cloudflare and there are also let’s encrypt but in the let’s encrypt you have to renew your SSL we get in 6 months so if you do not want to renew of your certificate again and again then you can go with Cloudflare?


Who can use this Certificate

If you have a blogger or if you have any small business so you can use this certificate which is more than enough for you do not need any documents to get this certificate.

Price– Free or Paid Option also available

Organisation Validated SSL Certificate

If you have any organization or if you’re running the business in a large volume so you have to need the organization to validate the SSL certificate.

As you can see in the above image you can see that this SSL certificate is issued to the particular company. So if you have to buy the organization Validate SSL certificate so so you have need some documents to verify for getting an organization to validate an SSL certificate can take time to get. And this SSL certificate is not free you have to pay the money for this SSL certificate.


24.87 $- 158.83 $ /Year

Extended Validate  SSL Certificate

This certificate can be issued only if you have a bank’s website or if you have any finance website then this certificate can be issued to you.

Requirement For Extended Validated SSL Certificate

So so if you want to issue dim extended validate SSL  certificate then you should have some give the document and you have also needed the Identity like it’s maybe a legal identity that going to help you for wishing that the domain name because if you have run the business is so then is a must need have to be a legal identity without that you cannot get the Extended Validated SSL Certificate.


79.85 $- 168.82 $ /Years


I have mentioned all the types of SSI certificate and reach a certificate that you have to use so if you like this article then do not forget to share with your friends because it’s really helped me to make some great articles for you and if you have any questions so you can comment on below a lot to answer them and do not forget to check out our another article.


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