What Is The Difference Between VPS, Shared Hosting & Dedicate Server

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If you are trying to buy a hosting for your website then you have visited so many websites and they offer many types of hosting like shared hosting VPS hosting and dedicated hosting is there and I am going to tell you which hosting is suitable for your website.

Shared Web Hosting


 If you how to start the blog and if you do not have enough money or if you only have two tests for the blog then you can go with the shared web hosting.

What is Shared Web Hosting


In shared web hosting, you have to share your server resources means there is one dedicated server and in the dedicated server multiple users are having on the dedicated server means there are also so many websites that are running on the dedicated server which is divided into a small part that we call as shared hosting.


You can get shared web hosting at a very cheap price.

In shared hosting, you don’t do not worry about maintaining the website all the maintenance is taken by the hosting provider.



The shared web hosting cannot handle too much traffic there is a monthly limit for website traffic lets take an example some hosting companies provide only 25k visitors per month means if your 25k visitors come before the end of the month then you are website cannot manage that.

In shared hosting, if other user websites get crash then there are so many changes to your website that can get crash or other users have the virus in their website there are so many chances that virus can be entered into your website too.

As in the shared hosting, you are to share your resources so you have got some limited resources so you can not able to host many websites so that can be effective to slow down your website.

What Is VPS Web Hosting


VPS web hosting stands for the virtual private server if you have a medium-size business if you have just started a small business then you can probably go with VPS web hosting. In the VPS hosting also you have to share your server with another user but there is so less number of users that you have to share your server resources so that can help you have some extra space and have less load on the server.



 The speed is faster than the shared hosting because you don’t have to share your resources with too many users.

The security is a little bit extra in the VPS web hosting and it also depends on which company offers you.



The cost is higher than the shared web hosting

What Is Dedicated Server

In the dedicated server is your all the server is your you do not have to share you are resources with another if you have any big company then you should have to go with the dedicated server because it helps you to to get the maximum speed of your website and the server have very very less downtime and you should have to look on the downtime is also an important thing of your website there are 16 chances to get downtime in the dedicated hosting.



If you have only one user and you do not have to share your resources with others, and you get the maximum speed and very minimal downtime in the dedicated hosting.

You can host multiple websites in a dedicated server that cannot affect to slow down of your website it also depends on how the website is big and how many that the website take resources from the server also matter.



The price is costly than the VPS and shared

You have to manage all the dedicated servers. And the website that you are hosted on that server.


So in the end, I have described all the types of hosting so the one thing that you should have to remember all the type of hosting it is also depend on the hosting provider if you buy the dedicated server but the hosting provider is not very good so probably you are server like perform like VPS and you should have to buy the hosting from the reputed hosting company so that’s it for today if you like this article then you can share with your friends and if you have any doubt you can ask me in the comment section I love to answer your questions and if you have any solution you can also give me in the comment section and do not forget to check out another article.

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