What’s GPL Theme and plugin

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As we know that if you want any premium features in your website then the plugins and themes run very important role we can just add functionality like sharing and other stuff by just installing a plugin in WordPress but some features are paid in the plugin and the cost of the plugin is a little bit expensive and if someone beginner who had recently started the blogging journey and they do not have enough funds to buy the premium plugins and themes and some of the people heard about the GPL so what’s GPL theme and plugin if you do not have any idea about what is GPL theme and plugin so make sure that read this article till the end I am sure about after the reading this article you can information about GPL theme and plugin.


What Is GPL

So GPL stands for a general public license in which you can able to modify theme and plugin you can make any changes and you can distribute to anyone e.g let’s suppose you buy a premium theme that’s come in GPL now you have to pay the one-time fee then you can distribute that theme to anyone.


All Theme And Plugin Under GPL

So so all themes and plugins are not under the GPL it depends on the developer.


Do You Have To Use GPL Theme & Plugin

So you can use the GPL theme and plugin but there is a high probability that the virus is contained in the theme and plugin so I do not recommend using a GPL theme and plugin.


So my personal opinion is using the GPL theme and plugin you can use free themes and I highly recommend purchasing the original theme. So so if you like this article do not forget to share it with your friends if you have any doubt you can ask me in the comment section below I love to answer your questions and you are for another article.

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