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Which One To Buy, Managed Cloud Hosting Vs Non-Managed Cloud Hosting

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If you trying to buy the hosting for your business or your personal use but there are so many options is available in the market and you get confused about hosting you should have purchased and we discuss what is non-managed cloud hosting and managed cloud hosting discuss which are the difference between both this hosting type.

How Shared  & VPS hosting works


Let first understand what is shared hosting and VPS hosting. Eg. if try to buy the shared or VPS hosting during the purchasing you have come option like to choose the data center means to choose your server location where you want to put your website like suppose you choose Singapore server means your website data is available in only on the Singapore data center the. If a USA  audience visits your website then what happened is the website sends the request to the Singapore server and the Singapore server sends the request to the USA during this time website getting slow which is not good for your website.


What is Cloud Hosting

As I explain to you all the same but a little bit different is you do not have to choose the data center location your website available in all data centers. Eg. if the USA audience comes then what happened the website sends the request to the nearest data center and the user gets fast loading website for choosing the cloud hosting you can decrease the bounce rate of the website.

But in the market, there are so many cloud hosting companies like hostinger,siteground, a2,  amazon AWS, google, digital ocean, and many how to choose the right hosting for you.

Managed Cloud Hosting

Let’s first understand what is managed cloud hosting. In the managed cloud hosting, you do not have to take regular backup of your website or you do not have to update the software or PHP version and so much stuff that you do not have to manged the hosting company managed all the servers. They regularly update your server. You have to go and use the hosting you do not worry about the hosting update. In the managed cloud hosting you get the Cpanel or other panel which you can able to control you can control all the types you want. This is some best-managed cloud hosting like siteground, hostinger, a2, and many more option is available.


Non-Managed cloud Hosting

In non-managed cloud hosting that you have to manged all things like backup, security, update the software, and many other things that you have to manged yourself. In non-managed cloud hosting, you do not get any control panel like Cpanel or hpanel. If you want to host the website you have proper knowledge of how to host the website in non-managed hosting it is not easy to host a website like managed hosting. It is a little bit tricky. But you can do that you can install the Cpanel in your server for that also you need knowledge or you hire the developer and install the Cpanel in your server. There is some popular non-manged cloud hosting like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, and many more.

For Whom Managed Cloud Hosting

If you are just want to host a WordPress website. You do not get in stuck into the update and managed all the stuff then you should have to go with managed cloud hosting premade you do not have to worry and you can set up and start your website.

For Whom Non-Managed Cloud Hosting

If you are a developer or you have to learn cloud computing and you have to learn how the managed cloud hosting. Then you should have to go with non-managed cloud hosting. And you do not care how to take backup you know then this for you. But there are some disadvantages that in some managed cloud hosting comes with the free CDN. You have to compromise some stuff in the non-managed cloud hosting.


Conclusion– In the end, I have explained all the things what is non-managed cloud hosting and managed cloud hosting. You can choose what is suitable for you can choose according to your need. One thing that you have to remember that if you purchasing managed cloud hosting there are so many Company siteground, A2, Hostinger, Bluehost, Hostgator. You have to avoid EIG Group hosting like Bluehost, Hostgator, GoDaddy, BigRock, and many you do not have to go with this hosting because the service is not very good from this website the loading speed of websites is very high and overall you have always go with a reputed hosting company like Hostinger, A2, Siteground. If you like the article do not forget to share it with friends and family who want to interest in this field. And do not forget to check out another article

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