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Why avoid free hosting what are the reasons behind it?

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If you trying to make money online or you’re trying to make a website for your business and you do not have to invest money on the hosting and domain so read this article till the end and find your answer do you go with free hosting or not

Everything is not free in the world

If you are thinking to start a business or blog and you are very serious about these things then I think that your time is more valuable if invest your time in anythings is time is more valuable than money. If you think that everything’s in the world is free in the world then you are wrong if you start a business there is no business that grows without investment so you have to understand we have to invest money to returns and trust me online return is much more.

Why the company gives free Hosting

If you see on the internet that there are so many companies that give free hosting. In 2020 the most valuable thing on the internet is data. Data is more valuable than others. This company gives free hosting & behind it steal your data sold to other company they do not define that in their privacy policy because you are using there free hosting you do not pay money for those hosting then can do anything that they want.

What effect of free hosting and domain and hosting on your website

1) If you go with any free hosting website that is providing a free domain like Eg. and you think then what is the problem with that domain name lets understand first its looks unprofessional and google rank this type of domain in the higher search.

If you’re creating your website for your business and think that website name is not the name its brands and it represents your blog or your business in front of people. A good custom domain is more important than a free domain you should have to go with the custom domain name like Eg.,, and many more.

2)Let us suppose if you daily publish 2 articles you give 100% for your article for you write detailed in the article but happened if your website is down?. Most of the free hosting has very high downtime if you do know what is downtime then means your website is not active on the internet if someone comes to your website then they seem to like this.

why avoid free hosting what are the reasons behind it

And it is good things for you because you investing time and effort. Due to high downtime do not rank your website google want that which load fast deliver content fast google want people do not leave the platform and google only promote good quality of the website.

3)Lets us suppose if you buy the custom domain and connect to free hosting if you 100+ article and what happened if your website gets hacked and you do not have any backup to restore the website because this hosting does not provide any kind of backup that helps to restore your website and you are all efforts is vanish.No one wants to hack there website

This hosting company is totally free then you wrong this hosting is not totally free this hosting has limited disk space and bandwidth and let us suppose

if you want to migrate your website to another hosting then you have to pay a high amount of charge because your data is stuck in their hosting and if you also request to get your website backup then you have to also this service that is a headache for you.

What are the solutions?

There is only one simple way that has to go with good hosting from the beginning. There are so many hosting companies provide hosting services but some are good and are not good so if you purchase a hosting the following points that you have to remember before you buy the hosting

  1. The hosting company should be reputed and have in a long time. Do not with a very cheap hosting company that you do not hear any name in the market that company is equal to the free hosting you should have to avoid this cheap type of website.
  2. You have to check that if the company provide off-server backup or not if provide which type it is a daily backup or weekly this is more important things because is more important if sometimes if your website crash then you can simply restore your website.
  3. You can also check some additional points like the company is providing free CDN, Domain Name, SSL certificate you can check out also.


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Conclusion– As I described all things you do not go with free hosting this free hosting I have already tested out so avoid them if this article helps you please drop-down comment & do not forget to share this article with your friends and family. and check out other articles.


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