Why Blogger Is Not A Good Platform For Blogging

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If you’re thinking you have to start the blog then you must have thought about starting the blog with a blogger but if you want to start blogging as a professional then you should have to avoid the blogger platform which is the reasons that you should have not to go with the blogger platform if you are serious about the blogging in this article I am going to share you which are the reasons that you should not go with the blogger


Not So Much Customization Option


In the blogger you do not have the freedom to customize the blog there are very limited options that you have got in the blogger we have to design a custom layout for color then they are so critical to do in blogger so if you want to make the professional and good looking blog this thing is not properly can we make with blogger


Not Support From Blogger


If you have to face any problem with the blogger while creating the blog or other error then there is no support from them blogger because blogger is a free platform no one can give the best support from blogger


No PluginOption In blogger


As a blogger you have to do all things manually if you have to compress the image then you have to go on the website and the image and compress it then you can able to use it in your blog but in WordPress, you got so many themes and plugins that are going to help you a lot there are so many things you can do with the plugins most of the things can be e do in the automation with the plugins in the WordPress but in the blogger, you cannot get any plugins and you have to to do all the things manually


You Cannot Add Schema Markup


In the blogger, it is very difficult to add schema markup yes you can add the schema markup but there is very difficult to add schema markup in the blogger and if you can able to add the schema markup but you have to properly to add this but in the world, it is easier to add the schema markup you can add the schema markup using the available plugins

We Do Not Have Website Access


The blogger is a product of Google if we violate any policy is the Google then Google can remove your block without your permission we do not have any access to save our blog so that is the most important thing from all the points so you do not want that Google can remove your blog without your permission and if you grow your blog by doing very hard work then this is a very bad thing for you so this point you should have to remember if you are not going to the left to blogger


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In the end, I have discussed all the points that are are the important points that health to understand why a blogger is not a good platform for starting the blogging so if you like this article then do not forget to share it with your friends and family it’s helping me to make such a kind of content for you and if you have any doubt you can ask me in the comment section below I love to answer your questions and do not forget to read another article.


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